Upon a NUDY daughter’s chest, a mythic father lays to rest, moved to give his dying breath, to bless the feminine receiving breasts who bless the world in their givingness ~ (((Amelia Energy)))

NUDY is an emerging dark feminine psychological process to aide in dissolving sin consciousness (separation).

In lay terms, NUDY is a forgiveness process. Radiating beauty in artforms ~ nude photography, art photos, stage plays, memoir monologue manuscripts, mythic writings, sensual touch ~ NUDY is reauthorizing the sexual from shameful to blissful. And bliss only comes from the embracing of suffering.

Our foundress is holding a Moving the Living Dead financial and business NUDY campaign to do three things:

  • Reauthorize her place in society as sacred and profane
  • Dignify her business services by calling in her next teammate
  • Give abundant NUDY and receive safe passage in three major moves

Please join us to bless our mission mythic mother Amelia Energy in her Star Domme light mutha NUDY. Light a candle at her 25-day wake for her soul and yours. In darkness, there is always light.

An art photo of a woman
mythic death is a celebration of return to light ~ Wake NUDY